My top 25 tracks for a Friday afternoon

One of my favourite journalist bloggers Sally Whittle has tagged Jed, Louise and I. She has challenged us to share our top 25 tracks for a Friday afternoon. Now I have to say I found this really difficult as there is so much good music out there and I have quite an eclectic taste – so to get it all into 25 tracks is quite a challenge. Unfortunately, S-Club and the Fast Food Rockers didn’t make it in this time – sorry Sally.

I have added most of these to my a playlist on Spotify, so if you have Spotify on your computer you can download my list here. I had a lot more dance records in here originally but unfortunately my taste was a bit too niche for Spotify, so I have kept the dance a little more commercial.

  1. Michael Jackson – Billie Jean
  2. Dr Dre – Let me Ride
  3. Backstreet – No Digiidy
  4. Sweet Dreams – The Eurhythmics
  5. Daft Punk – Around the world
  6. Stevie Wonder – Very Superstitious
  7. Elvis Presley – Suspicious Minds
  8. Beats International – Dub Be Good to Me
  9. The source ft Candy Staton – You got the love
  10. Kool and the Gang – Get down on it
  11. Jurassic Five – Finish First
  12. The Killers – Mr Brightside
  13. Snow Patrol – Run
  14. Pulse – The Lover that You Are
  15. King of Leon – Use Somebody
  16. Alcatraz – Give me Love
  17. De’Lacy – Hideaway
  18. Green Day – Jesus of Suburbia
  19. Ben E King – Stand By Me
  20. Oasis – She’s Electric
  21. Bob Marley – Redemption Song
  22. Shola Ama – You might need somebody
  23. The Beatles – Eleanor Wrigby
  24. Thomas Bangalter – Together
  25. The Verve – The Drugs Don’t Work

In the interests of fun, I tag Simon Collister, Sebastian Mysko and Stephen Davies to take up the challenge. Good luck!

3 comments on “My top 25 tracks for a Friday afternoon
  1. @Seb – you mean challenged failed. You are supposed to do it in 25. I had about 80 but cut my eclectic house out due to spotify not having a lot of them.

  2. What? That’s rubbish! My first 25 are the tracks relevant to this little game. The second lot are just for the likes of you and I… dirty!!!!

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