Revolutionary new technology launched by Ikea

I may be a bit late to the party on this one but I watched this clip and it made me laugh about how technology obsessed we have all become – me included obviously.

The concept of the video is that Ikea has launched a new book which is so technology advanced but really it’s just their good old catalogue. What’s funny is they go through all of the amazing features it has and how you can scroll through it. I think this is a clever little content stunt for what is essentially just the launch of a new catalogue – I like a brand that can have fun with the world.

The only downside to this clip is it’s a tad long and drags the joke out a while but it’s had more than 400,000 views at the day of writing so who am I to criticize.

The video description created by the team at Ikea states:

At only 8mm thin, and weighing in at less than 400g, the 2015 IKEA Catalogue comes pre-installed with thousands of home furnishing ideas. Join the revolution at or