Finally a perk in PR trialling the new Xperia X1

Now I will be honest I don’t get many perks in this job, so I thought this was worth a quick post as it brightened up my day. During the last few months we have been working hard on a number of new clients and projects – some which you may have heard about already.

One of our new clients is Sony Ericsson which has hired us to advise on a variety of social media campaigns.

One of these new campaigns/projects has been to help launch the new Xperia X1. Now all client plugging aside, I really like this phone especially the HD quality of the screen which is truly brilliant.

If you work in PR you will know we get very few perks in our job so I was pleasantly surprised when I received a prototype handset yesterday morning to test drive for myself.

Sam, Jed and I have all been testing them out over the last 24 hours. I normally use a HTC Tytn, so I am used to using a Windows mobile and I quickly found my way around this.

If you’re interested, below is a video we recorded in the office yesterday, demonstrating what this new phone can do.