HP Laptop is great – shame it doesn’t actually work

After much deliberating it seems I have to take my beloved HP laptop back to the shop. I currently use a HP Pavilion dv9000 and it was specifically chosen by us as its an award winning laptop with a lot of hidden added extras.

As we (Wolfstar) work in social media it made sense to buy a laptop of good quality which could do several things. So we created a very specific brief as to what type of laptop we required. It had to have a decent processor, a webcam, remote control and of course be HD ready etc etc.

Anyway, after joining the team in November I got plugged in straight away and set it all up but unfortunately I couldn’t get my HTC Tytn Windows phone to sync with it at all.

Believe me we tried lots of different mobile phones and it still didn’t work. After several checks it appears that although it’s a truly fantastic laptop which does lots of clever things its USB ports simply don’t work properly – they work occasionally – which isn’t good.

So I have reluctantly decided to take it back to the shop at lunchtime. I think I am now going to be testing how good PC World’s customer service is. I am hoping they will give me a new one which works – so I can be fully synced up to my email all the time. I will be sure to let you know how I get on with my IT battle.

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