Myspace was 2006, Facebook was 2007 is Twitter already 2008?

Facebook up until recently has been growing exponentially seeing its figures and worth increase massively. However, in January it was reported that the figures were starting to slow as saturation of Facebook finally started to occur.

Facebook has always kept its contact information closed so its users can’t share that information freely which has been well documented. The question is can it really afford to do so in 2008?

No matter how we look at it Facebook’s popularity is waning. It appears the novelty factor is starting to wear off.

Yes, I know the research says people aren’t going to remove their profiles but they aren’t logging on half as much as they used to either. Add that to the numerous new social networks which are springing up which are offering their information freely. Twitter looks to be the social network of 2008 as the novelty factor of this is just starting to be realised. I love twitter although it can be a bit of a distraction if you don’t use it properly.

The question is can Facebook really risk not opening its platform and information to the other networks?