Online fashion community launches its first iPhone app

Those of you that read my blog regularly will know I have been working on a couple of exciting internet projects during the last six months in my quest to become next Steve Jobs (Joke obviously). One of these said projects is which I wrote about way back in December.

The idea behind TheFashionPixie is people send in details of the latest retail sales they have either seen on the high street, or in their local independent stores, and they are collated in one online community. We then share all of this useful fashion based information with the rest of the community – so everyone benefits from it.

Well we have been extremely busy during the last six months and our user base has grown rapidly but we still felt it was time to give people something to use when they out and about. With this in mind we have launched a new iPhone app, the full details are available on our blog.

The new Free app gives you all the details you can get from our online community but it provides them in a smaller, prettier and useful format.

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