PC World’s customer service is rubbish but ACER’s is brilliant

OK, I recently posted about my HP Laptop and promised to update you on any interesting escapades which occur whilst I try to get it repaired.

Firstly, I would like to point out that my colleague Seb managed to send his ACER tablet off and have it back within four days. It arrived this morning – they even cleaned it thoroughly to make it look brand new. What’s more they added a new DVD drive as unbeknownst to him that was faulty too.

So to ACER’s customer service team, I salute you for a brilliant repair job and excellent customer service. Seb is absolutely delighted and I can’t blame him.

And now for the flip side of customer service.

We bought my HP laptop back in November and unfortunately it has never worked properly. It’s a shame as I actually like the thing as you are aware.

  1. So I routed out the receipt in our accounts system and called the helpline number on the receipt. The voice on the end of the phone took me through a series of questions – as they do – and then asked me to take it into the store – OK I thought no worries.
  2. So I spent my lunchtime today driving to the store on their advice. When I finally arrived the team there told me they don’t deal with anything more than 28 days old – even though their helpline told me to bring it in – hmm interesting.
  3. The store give me another number  to try. So I reluctantly drove back to the office and called the number and after a further 15 minutes of questions they said they couldn’t help me either and gave me another number to call.

Are you bored yet? Yep, so am I….

  1. So I called that helpline number, and yes you’ve guessed it, they can’t help me either – genius customer service
  2. They asked me for my number and said they will get someone to call me back – I am not holding my breath but that was more than two hours ago.

To be continued…….