The world’s first interactive DJ Album cover

I love this and had to share it as it combines my two big loves technology and DJing.

Novalia worked with DJ Qbert to create the world’s first interactive DJ Decks in an album cover. The technology behind this is brilliant and really gives you some food for thought on what you can do with paper and cardboard these days. I might have to be using the technology in our next PR stunt.

The cover comes complete with two decks, a cross fader and an array of SFX buttons printed directly onto paper using printed electronics and artwork.

QBert’s Kickstarter funded Extraterrestria album features a set of working Bluetooth MIDI decks and controls that connect to an iPhone with interesting results. Touching the paper connects to the DJ app, allowing the user to scratch, mix and fade any songs they load into the software.

I have to say it looks really impressive with how it connects directly to the iPhone but I think the demo video could have been so much better if they had made/mixed a track live that sounded great as the user just hits the various keys to show you what it can do. I reckon a scratch master might have had more fun with it but the concept is great.