Useful web tool could save exporting businesses thousands

I don’t normally post about my clients but I have made an exception here as I think this new tool is going to be of interest to so many businesses it’s well worth a post.

Basically, my client 4X Currency has launched a new service which allows small business to buy any foreign currency online, twelve months before the money needs to actually change hands, which means that if your business has a tight balance sheet, and you need to send money abroad to suppliers etc this could really help you out.

The service also removes any problems of fluctuations in the exchange rates making it kind of a like a fixed loan.

Businesses can agree a deal for a certain amount of Euros and know exactly how much they will be worth in twelve months. We all know how that has panned out for us Brits over the last six months with the Euro becoming so expensive. I am having my holiday in Europe this year and it looks like it’s going to be much more expensive than normal.

Anyway, if you are interested for business purposes we have created a forward trading news release in our social media newsroom and I have included a video of my client Helen Scott below, who can explain the service a little better than I can.