Sir Alex is the real PR master

Sir Alex piped up this morning saying he isn’t worried about Chelsea as most of the team are over 30 – a typical Fergie mind game tactic. Did it work? I sincerely doubt it but I bet it made him feel a whole lot better at the press conference. He is a master of PR, spin and pressure. I doubt the Man Utd communications director has to tell him what to say and how to say it and I doubt he would listen either.

Fergie uses the same tactics every year – wind them all up and apply the pressure early. To be honest, most of the time it seems to work.

Unfortunately, I expect this season to be a two horse race with the other two clubs (from the top four) falling away in the first quarter of the season. I am a dedicated Liverpool fan but even I have to admit we are falling way short of Chelsea or Manchester Utd’s squads at the moment.

I have been wrong before but I just can’t see either Arsenal or Liverpool giving them a real go of it because we don’t have the depth of players. To win the league you have to be able to beat both these teams when you meet them and I simply can’t see either of us doing that.

However, my tip for a shock or two this season would be Portsmouth as they have an awesome strike partnership of Defoe and Crouch, which can surely only be good for England.

If Chelsea do somehow secure Kaka’s services can I see them beating Utd to the title? Possibly – a player of his speed and skill might just tip the balance their way. Do I think he is worth £78million? Nah.