Best burgers in Leeds – Almost Famous

IMG_20140828_190935[1]To celebrate the Prohibition team being shortlisted for the CIPR’s Outstanding Consultancy award we decided to take the team out for a fancy bIMG_20140828_184605[1]urger and a drink or two.

We were looking for somewhere local in Leeds that was a little bit different and decided to pay a visit to the new Almost Famous in Leeds. I believe there are already a couple in Manchester and Liverpool.

I had taken the time to carefully read the entire menu carefully as it was packed with mouth watering burger concoctions like the “Johnny Mac” which has a deep fried Mac & Cheese ball on the top, bacon and even comes packed with Doritos – that was absolutely huge.

After hours of deliberation I finally decided to go for the “203 On A Bun” which you can see in my picture above – yes I know its large. It was an awesome double burger packed with chilli (pretty hot), cheese and jalapeno relish. This burger, although rather hot, was one of the finest IMG_20140828_184605[1]burgers I have ever passed over my taste buds. We all also ordered fries on the side each but please be warned you only need one portion between two as they are absolutely huge too but the real problem is the fries taste amazing and there are six different options so you are going to have to forget counting the calories when you go.

It was serious meat sweats territory and I kept expecting Adam from Man Versus Food to tap me on the shoulder and shout at me.

The bar itself is well designed with modern looking stain glass windows and our table being was packed with sweets under the glass.

Burgers and craft beer what could possibly beat that? I had to write this post because this place is definitely worth a visit if you are heading into Leeds.

Check out the full menu here and let me know what you think of it.