Does a team blog reflect a company’s view?

As you will probably already know I work for a social media and public relations consultancy based in Leeds.

At work we have a team blog which all the guys here contribute too. In fact, we even have work experience students who also post their own individual items. We  let them do this to ensure they get proper public relations experience and everyone in the team gets to have their own opinions heard. However, recently this has caused me to think – do people think that a team blog is the actual view of the company?

Some people may think this so but I have to say no. In our company, as with the many others that I have worked at, we have lots of different people with their own opinions, styles and views and sometimes this can cause healthy debates in our offices. To be honest if we all agreed on everything it would be a bit boring.

If it’s the view of the company it would mean we would have all got together discussed it properly, agreed something and minuted/reported it. On most things we don’t do this, so a team blog is just a collection of our opinions.

I would be interested to hear what you think. Is there really  a difference between a team blog and a website and if so do you view them or treat them differently?

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One comment on “Does a team blog reflect a company’s view?
  1. As another member of the Wolfstar team, I agree and I don’t think that the views in our blog represent that of the whole team. That is why we post individually, instead of just as Wolfstar. The debates we have within the office about issues is evidence alone that a ‘one opinion’ policy would not work for us here. The blogosphere is all about free opinion and viewpoint and we are lucky enough at Wolfstar to have an MD that gives us the freedom to air our thoughts and views.
    This said, I think it is important to have a good blog policy and set of ‘house rules’ to avoid confusion and regulate the blog. If you are posting on a corporate site, it is common sense to be aware that any posts will have an impact on the company and blog accordingly.

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