Viral Guinness video causing a stir

It seems Guinness’ marketing team isn’t too happy about a spoof viral video which has appeared on YouTube. The video, which has received more than (29,000) views, at the time of writing, seems to suggest share a drink whilst being involved in extra curricular (group sex) activities.

Now I have checked this out (to see what all the fuss is about) and the one thing that comes across to me is this lady is very  good at balancing inanimate objects – Joke.

Seriously though, this seems to be a joke viral video which is being shared because – as with most viral videos which get picked up – it’s mildly amusing but the people at Guinness aren”t laughing. They feel that this suggestive video is causing the brand damage.

According to Marketing Week it has released a statement saying: “Please be assured that Guinness is in no way associated with this video and has approached YouTube to have it removed. We are proud of our brands and our commitment to responsible marketing, and this is not how we want our brand to be portrayed. We have made this clear in a statement on the video’s site, and the producer of the video has also now made it clear that the material is not associated with Guinness.”

What do you think? Is this really that bad for the Guinness brand?

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4 comments on “Viral Guinness video causing a stir
  1. Fits well with Guiness, it is very dull and uninteresting. It’s so dull I only kept watching to see if it got any better. And without your helpful explanation of what it was meant to be I wouldn’t have had a clue.
    Viral for stupid people so very little harm to Guiness.

  2. Ahhhh Stuart… so naive…
    Chris – I think that sometimes it’s about enjoying something for what it is… a little bit of fun. I may be wrong, but I’m sure that this video has caused a lot more laughs than it has pain. It amused me – and I have to wonder if the brand in question ‘really’ had nothing to do with this… this highly successful piece of viral marketing..

  3. Stuart – a typical comment from yourself although I can see where you’re coming from.
    Sebastian – I am inclined to agree with you. I know quite a few people who think it’s funny and I don’t believe it will have caused the brand any damage.
    In fact, was the denial simply a ploy to get more exposure for the advertisement – maybe we will never know.

  4. I agree with Crhis and Sebastion.
    If it was a hoax, and the denial was planned, then I think they have not completely understood the audience of the video…

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