Word-of-mouth vouchers are saving Pizza Express

We all know that we are now locked in a recession, negative news everyday and Mr Peston has officially become the voice of disaster. However, I can’t help feeling that one business has taken the bull by its horns to beat the credit crunch.

Pizza Express has been running 2 for 1 voucher schemes since late last year and every time I pass one or pay a visit, it always seems to be packed out. In fact, it has become so successful that other restaurant chains which are feeling the crunch have started their own schemes too. Prezzo, Pitcher and Piano, Strada and Zizzi to name a few.

The reason the vouchers have become so successful for Pizza Express is due to simple Word-of-Mouth. Pizza Express used the same tactic that Thresher used a few years back which was heavily documented.

Can they keep the popularity of the vouchers up by changing them regularly? Who knows? But if they keep their standards up and focus on giving customers a good deal I think they will keep a reasonable slice. (Sorry couldn’t resist)

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