My House Music DJ Set from Moko Lounge – Friday 16th March 2012

Chris Norton DJing at Moko Lounge HarrogateWarning this post is not about social media, online PR or internet marketing. It is just a quick link to the DJ set I performed and recorded live at a nightclub called Moko Lounge in Harrogate on Friday night.

The music I play is everything from funky house through to the more funky electro. I do like a nice strong base line and a strong vocal. For this set I played for 3.5hrs and this is about an hour in so it is a bit more up tempo rather than a warm up set.

I was asked to play more commercial dance music for this event but it was attended by well over 200 people and at the end they were wanting more. This is a picture of me in the booth – what it doesn’t show is me trying to find out how to use the smoke machine which is strategically placed behind your head so when you turn it on you get freeze dried which was quite a shock at first.