Facebook launches invite friends and email contacts to pages

Facebook Invite contacts to your page

I have just logged into my Facebook pages today and noticed something rather interesting. Facebook seems to have rolled out a new feature that allows you to invite your Facebook friends to your Facebook page. This takes me back a few years when they used to do that with Facebook groups but I beleive they removed it due to the amount of spamming that was happening because of the feature. The inability to invite people to pages is one of the reasons there are so many companies out there using Facebook wrongly and adding friends to a standard Facebook profiles.

This is going to have a massive impact on how admins can grow their pages as they can now user their customer email databases to tell people about them. I think this is a brilliant move and can’t believe it hasn’t been added sooner but well done Facebook that (along with the new photography viewer) is two very cool new features in a week.

The ability to grow your presence on Facebook is going to be good for it and good for us. I can feel admins everywhere scraping around trying to find people to invite.