Football manager press conference = 52 swear words

Here is a recording of the press conference that was given by the new Newcastle FC football manager yesterday.

Joe Kinnear was a surprise choice to nearly everyone, including himself as far as I can tell. In this truly shocking interview he manages to swear a whopping 52 times and asks the journalists to ‘mind their own business’.

I know journalists can be harsh but is this really the best way to deal with them and does this show the kind of leadership a Premiership football club needs?

Posted By Chris Norton

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Hey Chris,
Football is a passionate game and when the media is involved it often turns into a blood sport. I work in PR in Canada and this interview reminds me of a time in the NHL when coaches and players weren’t trained to speak in sound bites to the media.
It was a fascinating time both on and off the ice, it was never dull. Then the corporate sponsors came and lawyers got involved. In turn, the NHL traded its grass roots existence for a well oiled corporate image. The game changed drastically on and off the ice and not for the better.
Depending on the audience, there are both pros and cons of speaking to the media in this manner. Perhaps sponsors and the league may be a bit upset. But professional leagues need Joe Kinnears on and off the pitch. They bring character to the game and remind us that the game belongs to those who are passionate and not to the lawyers or corporate sponsors.
90 per cent of what professional teams roll out to the media these days is gibberish. Corporate speak is a disease. It’s refreshing to hear someone like Joe say it like it is, even if he’s not as eloquent as the corporate gentry.

Chris Norton

Hi Brendan,
Thanks for your comments, I love the NHL I went to see the New York Rangers live in NYC and that was a great experience.
I agree with you on the passion issue. We need managers that aren’t scared to stand up for themselves and take the media on when they push it too far.
I do think that a new manager needs to be careful initially and not alienate the media. Sam Alladyce a previous Newcastle manager refused to speak to the local TV station because the BBC did a documentary and although results are ultimately what decide your fate I think the fact that he couldn’t engage with the fans through TV certainly didn’t help.
Newcastle drew this weekend so he can be proud to get the first result in the bag. If he continues to get good results after this then they can’t touch him but sometimes you need the media on your side when the results don’t go your way.

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