My quick tip on how to get a cheap loan at just 2.9% today

Ok I admit this is an unusual post for me, as it is off topic for once, but it is something I have found very useful so I wanted to share it.

If you are looking to borrow some money at the moment you will be looking around at loans of between 8-10% at the cheapest. However, I have a route around that.

All you need to do is enrol for a Virgin Credit Card. It looks like any normal credit card but it has the longest (at the moment) interest free period of 16 months – which isn’t bad for a start. However, the best bit is this, if you get one of these cards you can transfer the entire balance of the card straight into your bank account. All you get charged is the 2.98% transfer fee and that is it for 16 months.

As an example if you were looking to borrow £4,000 for a new car that would save you around £400.