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This is worth reading from @wendymarx as it's packed with useful tools for PRs:

Twitter is focusing even more on news - check this little development out in its advertising. Expect more news related features in the next few months.

He has got balls of steel to do some of these stunts: Are Sacha Baron Cohen's Tactics Good PR?

Nice PR Stunt from TFL: Southgate Tube station to be renamed after Gareth Southgate

Dear non English football fans.
Football’s coming home is a fun song highlighting the lack of success of our football team for decades. No one really thought we’d win it. I totally get why you might think it was arrogance, but it’s more our self deprecatory sense of humour. 👍🏻

Thursday was the big start of the Twitter Purge and Nicki Minaj has lost 1,221,911 followers, here's a list of other celebs and how many they have lost:

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