Are we all getting carried away with Obama?

I was watching the news last night as I normally do when I saw Senator Obama address 200,000 people in Berlin.

I was hugely impressed at how many people had attended the event in Germany to hear him speak. I like Mr Obama and I hope he wins as we need an inspirational leader in the white house after that buffoon. Come to think of it we could do with one at number 10 too.

However, aren’t we all just getting a little carried away with “Obamamania”? Yes he is young, charismatic, interesting and inspirational but he isn’t president yet.

He is certainly winning the battle of the headlines and his PR machine is grinding out results but the election polls still have them both much closer than we would dare to think.

John McCain is so worried about Obama’s media skills, he even made an advertisement implying that he is getting all the media attention. I have to agree with my colleague Sam Oakley that this was a major PR FAIL – why not just admit your losing the battle? Sam has amusingly compared Mr McCain to the late Kenneth Williams who played Julius Ceasar in Carry on Cleo when he said: “Infamy Infamy, they’ve all got it in for me.”

Are we really going to see Mr Obarma in the white house? Or are we all getting carried away with wishful thinking?