Seb leaves for pastures new

I have been working at Wolfstar for about seven months now and Sebastian has been here since the very beginning. In fact, he worked with me at my old agency Trimedia in Leeds which is kind of why we have been working together again more recently.

Seb and I are good friends outside of work and so it’s with regret that I see him leave to join the dance music industry. I know he loved working here but he has been offered a job which he simply couldn’t have turned down.

I will miss our creative banter (well mine) and his ninja-like reactions as he quickly dodges the latest sharp implement I have thrown in his general direction.

I will now have to force myself to read his food blog to see how he can actually manage to write 600 words on Heinz Baked Beans.

Good luck with the new job mate and I hope your head isn’t hurting too much after last night.

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