There really is only one Rock Star of PR

We all had sore heads in the office this morning following our first CIPR award win last night. However, I felt I had to share the image below with you all. My new colleague Jed Hallam is brilliant entertainment and he certainly showed us all how to celebrate last night.

  1. Entry to the CIPR Pride Awards = £100 (ish)
  2. Hire of tuxedo = £45
  3. Being photographed at a black tie event wearing a ladies scarf and holding a half drunk glass of white wine whilst picking up a CIPR Award = PRICELESS

There are some things money can’t buy for everything else there is Jed Hallam.

4 comments on “There really is only one Rock Star of PR
  1. Gone are the Ab Fab days of well presented, good looking networkers… I’m single-handedly ruining the image of PR with my fat suit, sartorial failures and my mild alcohol problems!

  2. Stuart, Karen and Tim B attended along with the rest of us but unfortunately Tim S’s child wasn’t well so he missed the evening.
    You know Stuart he wanted me to take up the worker bees on stage.

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