Top ten tips for PR students whilst on work experience

I did work experience when I was at university as part of my degree and ever since I have always tried to help students with their placements to ensure they get the best from their time with me and the team.

I have to admit I have had some very good students over the years and unfortunately some very bad ones. Without revealing too much I thought it was time to share some tips on how to secure a job in PR from doing work experience.

  1. Turn up – preferably on the right day and on time
  2. Act professionally and try to avoid being hung over
  3. Dress accordingly
  4. Turn your mobile off or at the very least stick it on silent – don’t sit on it texting and chatting to your friends all day
  5. Try to look keen or at least vaguely interested in what you are doing. Don’t sigh your way through the day watching the clock
  6. If you are ill for a genuine reason rather, make sure you ring the company ASAP as it looks extremely lame and unbelievable if you just send a text or email
  7. If you finish a task in the day don’t just sit there and wait for another, ask your contact if they have anything else to do
  8. Always offer to make the team a coffee in the morning as this shows you’re keen and willing to get stuck in
  9. If you have completed some work for somebody make sure you give to them before you leave, explaining your actions
  10. Try to work at a reasonable pace and stick it out for more than one day because you never know you might actually like it

I think the golden rule overall is to look interested and show them you really want the job. A career in public relations can be fun if you show some interest and initiative.