Tyson Vs Holyfield is one PR stunt too far

Mike Tyson Vs Evander Holyfield all those years ago was an exciting flight albeit slightly alarming. Two of the world’s hardest heavyweights battling it out, made for interesting late night viewing.

However, that was twelve years ago and this is now. Today’s Metro is reporting that they plan to do it again with these two going at it again for $25 million each making it the highest paid fight of all time.

Are they serious? Take a look at a recent picture of Mike below – does he look like a refined athlete ready to go twelve rounds? This is purely ridiculous. 

This appears to be another PR stunt to generate interest in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix which would happen the day after.

There is no doubt that this ‘Freak Show’ would generate a lot of interest but only because its weird and frightening. In my opinion the authorities should step in and make sure this fight never happens. There are some things which should be forgotten and this fight is one of them.

One comment on “Tyson Vs Holyfield is one PR stunt too far
  1. When I heard about this this morning I actually spat out tea. The gut on Tyson should be enough to highlight that this is a joke – it’s probably best that we don’t even begin to talk about the glut of psychological problems and his criminal record.
    Add to that the fact that Holyfield is about 97 years old and you have a thoroughly disgusting prospect.
    It’d be like a real-life celebrity death match. Minus the celebrities, of course.

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