Reviews and guest posts

Do you ever write reviews?

Occasionally yes, feel free to contact me but I am pretty choosy so don’t be offended if I decline. I like to think of reviews as giving my honest opinion, so make sure your product is great. I don’t do sponsored posts though as this blog is about my opinion on the world and sponsored posts aren’t my bag.

Chris Norton - Prohibition PR

Chris Norton – Prohibition PR

I am a massive foodie and football fan and I love books on marketing, PR and social. I like to play with new gadgets, DJ equipment, software and I do cover interesting news on the industry. I am also a proud Yorkshire man so anything I can do to help promote this fine region I will do.

Also if you have a really stand-out clever marketing campaign you have done feel free to share as I love writing about that kind of stuff. I like to share best practice in online marketing so feel free to contact me about any of that.

Do you allow guest posts?

I get asked this a lot and the truth is not very often but if you are from the industry and you have something very different to say then drop me a line.


How do I book you to speak at my event?

If you have a conference that is looking to cover the more strategic side of social media, online PR or communications drop me a line and if I can I will help.