Social Media Seminars

Moulding peopleTwitter, Facebook, Linked-in and YouTube are all fantastic marketing channels for any business – no matter what sector. But how can businesses actually utilise the full power of social networks to secure new customers, increase sales and help build their brands? The answer is with one of Dead Dinosaur’s social networking seminars.

We know that with most business owners time is precious and many simply don’t have the extra time to chat, meet, tweet, instant message or blog for several hours each day. However, with many people looking for cheaper ways to engage better with their consumers, social networking can offer a great opportunity for you to connect with your target market and build those all important client relationships.

How long is the course?

  • It’s a full-day training course – tailored to meet your business requirements

What will it cover?

  • The business benefits of using social media
  • How to use social media to increase your Google ranking for your website
  • The etiquette of social media
  • How to connect with hundreds of thousands of possible target clients
  • How to integrate social networking into your company so you get more customers
  • The benefits of social media and social networking
  • How to create an online communications strategy
  • How to monitor and measure the online landscape

How is the course presented:

We can deliver bespoke one-2-one training at a site of your choice or we can train groups – it’s completely up to you.

If this sounds like something of interest, please feel free to drop us a line.