10% of Twitter users are responsible for 90% of Twitter usage

I have just read a very interesting post from Stan Schroeder regarding Twitter usage in May 2009. In his post Stan discusses a new Harvard Business Review study as revealing:

Most Twitter users don’t actually use the service much, or even at all. In fact, 10% of active users are responsible for over 90% of all Tweets.

To be honest I think we should have noticed this ourselves. Many of my former colleagues and contacts have starting Twittering in the last six months some very regularly and some more sporadically. What I have noticed is with most of them the immediate enthusiasm seems to die off after a few days.

If people kept their enthusiasm and treated Twitter as a social network where you can share tips, stories and expertise they would find it so much more beneficial. I suppose this all boils down to how you use Twitter as many people use it differently. If people are careful and set up themselves properly, follow interesting people with similar interests and make an attempt to ensure it doesn’t take up too much time it can be a fantastic business resource for developing your contacts. Not only that but its great fun.

The other point which I found interesting from the study was that more women (55%) are on Twitter than men. Don’t ask me why this is though?

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