Analyse your swearing on Twitter using Cursebird

Do you swear on Twitter? If you do, why not use this new service to find out how often?

Cursebird is hilarious, we have been testing it out in the office today. Insert your Twitter name and it tells you how much you have sworn on Twitter.

Unfortunately, as you all know I am an angel (Joke) and so I have never sworn on Twitter. However, my colourful friend Mr @JEDHALLAM likes to Tweet when he has been drinking. In fact, when we ran his name through this site he came out as a Gangsta Rapper – see below. I seem to remember my former colleague Beth warning about this very issue on the Wolfstar blog.

The best quote from Jed’s repertoire includes: “Bollocks to you all I am walking in Memphis”. This beautifully crafted Tweet was written whilst undertaking the activity commonly referred to as bad karaoke.