– new online dance music community is launched

A new online dance music community has been launched which uses a lot of web 2.0 functions to give its users a much more real clubbing experience. opens with several different DJ windows to choose from and these are likely to increase over the coming months. A user can select their favourite DJ and then click on a particular set they want to view.

Once the user has chosen their set it then opens up four new windows and plays the DJ’s set in full.

I have watched a DJ who I like called Dirty South and his set is brilliant.

In the top left square you can watch the DJ in the booth doing his thing, the other three windows follow cameras which have been sent around the club. All of this is shown at the same time when the music was played – so you get the crowd reaction etc.

This site is still in its Beta format but I like it. Obviously as it’s a web 2.0 site you can share your favourite set on Facebook, Stumble etc and tag things to make them more shareable. It looks like it is going to try and generate income from advertising but at the moment it appears to be fresh from any ads. There are lots more functions I could bore you with but I won’t – basically, if you are into dance music and social media this site will be for you.