Case Study: Using social media to properly engage with animal lovers

This week has been a tad hectic because I have been away until today on paternity leave following the birth of my second child Harvey. However, before I went away I had spent a number of weeks with my team preparing a social media campaign for my brilliant client Monster Pet Supplies to help increase engagement and improve relationships with key pet influencers and improve awareness of the brand in social media.Top UK Pet Blogs

Following some extensive online research and analysis of conversations taking place online around pets together we devised a strategy of creating a place where all of the pet sites could be found. The problem that we found was that many sites were from totally different sectors about different animals and it was hard to find one from another.

So today my client has launched the The Monster 50 which lists the top 50 pet bloggers in the UK. We have created this in association with Pet Product Marketing and shared this with a number of the people included and we will be targeting key media to increase awareness of the story. We also identified the country’s top pet blogger who is a lovely chap called Brian, who is the guy behind the Pigeon Blog, he commented:

“I started the whole blogging thing back in 2006. Pigeon Blog is just my online diary telling it how it is for the pigeons of London. By a pigeon for the pigeons was my motto, and still is.”

“It’s great that the blogging exploits of birds and animals is being recognised at last here. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say that that typing and navigating a keyboard alone is hard enough, so keeping up a regular blog, especially one involving pictures, takes time and requires a lot of physical effort.”

Bloggers that are included in the list can proudly place a Monster 50 blog badge on their site as a stamp of authority.

For full details check out the news release.

In other news, on the same client, we have also helped create the Easter Bunny Hunt 2012. Facebook Monster Pet Supplies ContestThis is a very fun special Facebook photography competition where you can enter your rabbit to become the face of MPS and win a number of exciting goodies for your furry companion. The competition has been seeded in various places online and has already received more tha 1,000 entries and helped to drive like numbers up by more than 28%. If you have a rabbit make sure you share a picture of them.

The thing I love about Emma and the guys at Monster is that they ask for our advice, listen and then use it, and if every client did that I reckon we would be involved in award-winning campaigns every month. I truly love working in digital PR!

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4 comments on “Case Study: Using social media to properly engage with animal lovers
  1. The power and the reach of social media should not be underestimated, There is a lot of business success stories that has arisen from Digital Social Media interactions with the online community. -Great Post.

  2. Thanks Anton – you are right. Social media is very powerful but I think the clever part is the campaign ideas and executions rather than just using the channels. So many people expect things to happen for them but its all in the ideas you have and how you deliver them. Otherwise its like getting in a boat and saying why aren’t we in Australia yet? Because you haven’t turned the engine on!

  3. Message *Message * This Monster 50 is a great idea, I’ve been blogging for over two years and not found that many dog blogs in the UK to follow

    Oh I ‘ve not introduced myself, I’m George a Welsh Terrier, on my blog each Saturday I do Saturday Steps, me and sometimes my Sister who is also a Welsh Terrier posing on steps somewhere out and about. I do blog posts on walks and have my own 4 paws award which I give to places that go the extra mile to be dog friendly
    Pop by and take a look

    Have a Good Week
    See Yea George xxx

  4. Thanks George – your blog looks great and I imagine quite a few people will want to read it. Thanks for sharing.

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