Celebrating New Year in the Lake District

I celebrated the new year in the Lake District with my wife, Jacob and several of my friends. We hired a beautiful traditional cottage in Eskdale, (about an hour from Ambleside) which slept eight people.

It  was a fantastic looking building with low ceilings, an outside toilet  – also had an indoor one btw – and a lovely coal fire which managed to keep us all warm and toasty during the long winter evenings.

We spent the majority of the nights testing out the latest board games but the overall winner for us was Articulate which is great fun for quick fire rounds and making your friends shout out ridiculous answers.

In the game, you basically have to describe a word on a card without saying it – it’s not too difficult and can be played by all of the family.

We also invented our own game called the ‘After Eight game’ which was truly hilarious. The person in question has to put an After Eight on their face and make it slide down by only using their facial muscles and nothing else – the aim of the game is to get it into the mouth and believe me it can be very amusing watching the various facial expressions.

As we were in Eskdale we decided to take a journey on the Lake District’s longest miniature railway to Ravenside – pictured below. The journey takes about 45 minutes through some beautiful scenery.

To be honest, we spent the majority of our time trekking, mountain biking and then frequenting the local watering holes tasting the delight of the local ales such as Timothy Taylor.

We all had a great time and all I can say is the lakes are stunning at this time of year but saying that I am sure they look amazing all year round.


2 comments on “Celebrating New Year in the Lake District
  1. “about an hour from Ambleside” must be the worst description of where Eskdale is that I’ve ever heard! And you actually went on the L’all Ratty to Ravenglass (not Ravenside). Near Sellafield is a good description of where to find Eskdale. Where exactly in Eskdale did you stay? Can we see a Google map or put your photos on a Flickr map?
    If you’d told me where you were going I could have directed you to all the best pubs that I used to frequent as a youngster.

  2. Thanks, for pointing this out Stuart. As you can tell my knowledge of the Lake District is somewhat lacking but I am defintely going to go back and try and make it better. Ravenglass or Ravenside – it was somewhere with a big black bird’s name in it. You are always so particular – I attached the link. Lets just pretend I did it on purpose to make you feel you are one step ahead of me.

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