Could blogs really affect future jobs?


There has been some interesting new research out this week claiming that people who blog could potentially be causing themselves problems as potential and future employers could read their posts and information – no matter how fruity. I have to say I don’t really agree with this, if the blogger follows simple rules.

Bloggers everywhere and anywhere just have to use one simple rule – transparency.

If you are going to put yourself out in the blogosphere you have to make sure that you are transparent and you are happy for anyone to open your story and read it. If you continue to write using this rule – why should you ever have any problem with future employers?

In fact, if anything a future employer might read your blog and think you have a good educated opinion and it might actually be the key to you getting the job!

Transparency, humour and interesting comment are the key to good effective blogging and at the end of the day these won’t get you fired.

Click here to view the article which appeared on the Press Association.