Could football teams benefit from using social media?

As a keen football fan, I was interested to read an article on Brand Republic reporting that Chelsea FC has made its website much more social.

Supporters can now download widgets relating to fixtures, Chelsea TV and player feeds. There is also a new forum where fans can discuss the latest rumours etc. All of the widgets are exportable to the popular social networking sites.

Now I applaud them for doing something social but this got me thinking about useful football widgets.

Surely a useful one could be ‘The Fans’ Choice’ widget. This could enable the club’s fans to vote for the players for the next team. Your vote would count – you actually get a say in your own team. The more votes a player(s) receives the more chance he has got of being in the fans’ team. Just a thought.

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4 comments on “Could football teams benefit from using social media?
  1. Thanks Giles – I remember this story and think it’s an interesting idea.
    I like the idea of fans owning their club and helping in decisions although they don’t see the players in training etc.
    It’s an interesting concept and it will be fascinating to see how they do.

  2. Would love it if they did that – dont see any of the bigger clubs implementing this. In my case (Hearts FC) team selection is always a bit of a lottery in any case so this might just improve matters!

  3. Danny, I know what you mean although for my sins I am a Liverpool fan I watch a lot of teams and often you see fans wondering what’s going on. Wouldn’t it be great if just one game a year – the fans got their own say for a team?
    It would certainly be interesting to see what everyone would say after game if they won, lost or drew. Something tells me it would be the ref that still got the complaints.

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