Facebook advertising is confirmed as fraud in this video

As you know I have been struggling to understand the huge drop in engagement on my client’s Facebook pages recently and you may remember I wrote a detailed post about Facebook forcing us to buy it’s advertisements to maintain organic reach. I actually got criticised by one individual who claimed I was jumping on a bandwagon to which I thoroughly denied because I see it on our client pages by the day. I am obsessed with analytics anyway and looking at the insights it has got even worse in recent months and this is despite us using proactive interesting content and paying to promote posts.

Well this video explains it all clearly and I highly recommend you watch it. It claims Facebook’s like system is being fraudulently used by link farms and Facebook is benefiting from it. The video claims link farms around the world are creating profiles to like pages they are involved with but to combat being found out they are liking other pages non-related too. Some of the examples he uses are very compelling. I think this video may have hit the nail on the head and it should now be time to sort this out as nobody wants to pay for fake anything.