Facebook should get with the times and add comment moderation to fan pages

Dear Facebook,

As an administrator on several fan pages for our clients and it has become quite apparent that there is no way to moderate comments on one of your fan pages. Personally I find this a little daft as blogs have had this type of functionality for years and it seems to work just fine in that space. Community for Facebook

I am aware that administrators can remove comments by deleting each of them manually but we are looking to protect our fans from any negative comments being left on their own images. Basically, we think its perfectly reasonable not to have to worry about members of our communities being effected or hurt by nasty or irrelevant comments.

I would really find it hugely beneficial if you would add a comment moderation function to your pages with a drop down section, with different elements which can then be selected for moderation such as images etc. In the meantime I will create a dedicated commenting policy for my client’s pages stating that we do not accept a certain type of behaviour.

Whilst writing this quick post and doing a bit of digging it seems I am not alone as there are lots of people looking for this function to now be added to fan pages with threads from frustrated users both here and here for starters. Hat tip to Mediawasp for the links – many thanks.

I will look forward to hearing from you but strongly doubt I ever will.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Norton

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