Facebook – to add or not to add?

Do you share your Facebook details with clients and new business prospects or do you prefer to use linked-in for professional contacts?

My colleague Rebecca Caddy wrote a post a while ago about how she used Facebook. Becca comments: “I don’t want to be the only person not tagged in certain photos or be unable to write ranting statuses, just because I’m anxious about what others think. Because at the end of the day, that’s who I am. I see Facebook as very different to anything else because it’s such a cross section of all aspects of your personality, friendship groups, aspirations, history, etc. This is why I think it is completely acceptable to keep Facebook as separate from any other forms of social media applications you may use. And, I don’t think this means you’re leading different lives at all.”

Adam Lewis comments on his blog: “I nearly rejected an (Facebook) invitation from my younger cousin the other day as I felt this space was for my friends, not my family or work. For work, I like to use LinkedIn (though I haven’t updated it enough for my liking) and for family, I’d like to think they might ring me.”

I know a lot of people disagree over this issue, personally I use Facebook for my private life and a little bit of business but I make the decision on a person by person basis.

Do you think that everyone should add professional contacts as friends on Facebook?