Football clubs now using social networking channels hurray!

I loved the story last week about Chelsea starting to use Twitter to communicate directly with fans. Basically, Chelsea FC has begun Twittering (under its mascot’s name) following a huge growth in fake Chelsea FC accounts. I can imagine there are quite a few people out there who would love to hear the ins and outs of their clubs.

My club (Liverpool FC) were apparently the first to use it and now others appear to be springing up everywhere. Liverpool has more than 17,000 followers but it also has a number of copycat Twitter users here is one example:

My ideal job would be to do social media for a football club but it got me thinking if I could ask my football club anything on Twitter what would I ask them? More to the point would they answer it?

To be honest, these new channels will be useful but only if they are used properly and the clubs engage appropriately with their fans. For instance: why don’t they offer something special/unique to their communities like free tickets for retweeting a #hashtag competition for example? I have started to follow both today so I will be watching these two very closely.

Posted By Chris Norton

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Paul Rogers

Hi Chris, glad you’re enjoying seeing football clubs getting more involved in Social Media but I would like to point out that Liverpool Football Club have a very different approach to Twitter than Chelsea FC.
Liverpool’s approach is a two-way relationship with our supporters – rather than the Chelsea approach of simply talking AT their fans constantly. After all, how boring would a conversation be if you were the only one talking all the time?
At Liverpool, we’re getting involved and we’re getting as much out of this relationship as the supporters. We want to know what we’re getting wrong and what we’re getting right, we want feedback and comments and replies for news stories. We want to hear ideas from our fans, we want to check out the sites they run or rate and the videos and pictures they make. We want to have a laugh with the fans, share a joke or help out where we can. We want @replies and we’re happy to @reply to the Tweets that stand out or demand a reply. We want Followers but we also want to Follow fans who are interesting. We want to celebrate with the supporters who love the team but we also want to enjoy some banter with the fans who Follow us but are desperate for us to lose.
That’s why Twitter is so much fun, that’s why we’re enjoying it so much and that why we believe that we’ve become Twitter’s most popular sports team in the world.
Paul Rogers, Head of Content, Liverpool Football Club

Chris Norton

Hi Paul, thanks for the comments. It’s truly great to know my own football team is listening properly and engaging in conversations with fans online. I have to say you have my ultimate job.
One way conversation is no fun – I have seen a number of celebrities using it in this manner. The best thing to do is listen, get involved and most of all enjoy it.
Thanks Again,

Watch Liverpool Online

did anyone watch the game against wigan? we was lucky but also unlucky haha. thing is we need to make some fast changes or we may face losing our best players. which we dont want happening. YNWA

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