Google launches new blog search functionality is it the end for Technorati?

Google has just launched a huge improvement to its blog search section. Previously if you ran a search for a topic it would bring back posts back with your searchGoogle Blog Search term in the title. This was useful but it was almost frustrating that you couldn’t search for blogs on a certain topic. However, now the new service which appears on the left after you have run a search sorts by topic and it seems to be really useful.

I did a quick search for blogs that were about Twitter tools and my Twitter application’s blog came up ( as I thought it might as that is the topic of the blog. This shows Google appears to have made this pretty accurate. I would be really interested to know how it ranks the results in order but I fear that will be kept secret as Google has patented an element of this new search technology.

My question is this, does this spell the end of many paid for blog search services and the blog search engine Tecnorati? Sure, it has been around a long time and it has it’s widely respected authority rating but now that you can find blogs, by topic easier, I think this could be the beginning of the end.

The original article from Readwriteweb is here

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