I finally get the opportunity to work in the dance music industry

Those of you who know me, will know I am massive dance music fan, and way back when when I lived in London, I used to DJ house music in several bars and clubs across the city to help ends meet.

Well, it seems I have managed to combine my weekend activities with my day-to-day work as we (Wolfstar) have won the contract to run a social media campaign for Chris Lake a world renowned DJ and dance music producer.

In one of my many roles I will become an author on Chris’s blog along with a few others, who all have their own slant on all things dance related.

Chris makes the sort of music I love most – good quality house – from vocal uplifting tracks right through to the dirtier electro sound which is popular in the clubs at the moment.

The great thing about having to work on this client is I already really like most of his tracks anyway and even have a couple in my collection including a sneaky CD which he mixed for DJ Magazine last year to showcase his label Rising Music.

Chris has received critical acclaim and even managed to get into the UK charts last year with his track changes, in fact it reached number one in the dance charts in the US.

You can view our news release on this story here. Needless to say I and my colleague Seb can’t wait to get cracking on this because we both live and breathe dance music.

You can be sure I will keep you all updated on what Chris is up to as he releases his new material.

In the meantime, I have added a video of Chris in action in Space in Ibiza.


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