Is the delivery of social media really affected by location?

I have been reading lots of posts about the time it takes to manage social media, ProBlogger recently asked the question: “How long does it take for you to write a blog post?” and after 294 comments the average seemed to be around an hour.

I have also been reading interesting posts from Richard Millington and Sally Whittle detailing how many types of communisation they receive a day. Richard got to 89 different types and Sally received more than 169 emails in 24 hours – that’s quite a lot of emails to have to reply to.

Another communications blogger that I read regularly Heather Yaxley comments: “Social media sites need freshness – not just for the sake of it, but because any business needs to remain top of mind and have something to say if it wants to be a credible online player.”

This got me thinking, with all the tools we have these days and the time it is taking to update them all. Is location really important when delivering a social media campaign for a client? Would it matter if you were based in the UK and you hired an agency in the US to deliver a global campaign, if they were good and understood the markets?

In the UK we seem to have a strange culture where we are actually bothered where someone is based. In the US it’s very different but if we receive so many emails, twitter messages, news articles and blog posts – does it really matter where we are reading or commenting on them? I don’t think so!