Is the Kenneth Cole tweet the worst ever done by a brand?

My eye was caught by this tweet today and I was flabbergasted anyone could have thought this was a good idea for a brand or a person to send out.

I don’t know what they were thinking and I can only suppose the brand wanted to get noticed for a tweet but I think this is one of the worst tasted tweets I have ever seen. If not the worst.

If ever there was a case proving you should be careful who manages your social media channels this is it. If you are a large brand or a small company please provide some kind of social media policy and make sure the person who is representing your brand has common sense and good taste.


What are your thoughts guys I am genuinely interested? I think it’s simply awful.

2 comments on “Is the Kenneth Cole tweet the worst ever done by a brand?
  1. It appears to be based on the premise of ‘no publicity is bad publicity’…but nonetheless it’s totally tasteless.

  2. Agreed, completely tasteless but it works for Simon Cowell and X Factor! What the people who go for ‘no publicity is bad publicity’ don’t understand is the long term damage to the brand’s reputation. It is shock tactics that might get short term exposure but after that, it just leaves a sour taste.

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