Poll: How many times should people share links to their articles on Twitter?

I have seen quite a few people online sharing the same links to their articles on Twitter recently. I have even seen some people using links or articles they have written a long, long time ago. I understand why people do this, because since 2006 when Twitter launched more and more people have joined and the noise on the platform has become greater resulting in some key tweets being missed by people. So people feel the need to share the same links time and again. I am trying to determine what the etiquette is in 2010 for sharing links to your articles and would appreciate you giving your time to vote.

Also please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think or people sharing the same thing over and over – do you find it irritating or don’t you mind? I will obviously share the results on the blog when the poll finishes in seven days.

Many Thanks