Save Peter the Peacock from #Pexit to Scotland

I am calling on all Harrogate residents and animal lovers alike to save Peter our local celebrity peacock from #Pexit to Scotland. Peter has lived on my housing estate of Bilton for more than 10 years after breaking out of a private estate because he didn’t like it. He is his own man!

Peter the Peacock

He sleeps in trees and on local flat roofs to stay away from foxes and dogs and, although he has been single a while, he is still a great guy to have around the estate. He is a stunning peacock and is pretty friendly – he visits our house almost every day, for a drink and a bite to eat and the local kids love him and talk to him.

However, in the last few days there has been some sad news, which even made it into The Daily Express, that a group of residents from Killinghall have gathered together £500 to get rid of peacocks in their village and it is rumoured Peter is being lined up to be caught and packed off to Scotland. However, this is a classic case of mistaken identity. Now I have heard there are three peacocks in the village of Killinghall which have been damaging cars. However, this is not Peter (do not be fooled) he has been in our back garden every day for the last 3 months and Killinghall is more than 2 miles away and he doesn’t leave the estate and the local streets. He sleeps in a tree two roads behind ours – Peter has never damaged anything of ours (apart from our flowers which he tends to nibble on) so I am calling on people to sign my petition to stop Peter the Peacock from #Pexit to Scotland. He needs to stay local and a Harrogate Hero.

Hear is a picture of him in my back garden last Friday and this is his Facebook page.

3 comments on “Save Peter the Peacock from #Pexit to Scotland
  1. Chris,

    As someone who used to be a peacock and have many close friends and family who consider themselves to be hard-working peacocks, this is a story that I feel particularly passionate about.

    Whilst peacocks can be described as extravagant and at times “showy”, nobody can accuse these noble beasts of being vandals or hooligans.

    I wish you every success with your petition, sir. I have signed it with my feather quill and hope that many others follow my example.

    A world without peacocks is a world not worth thinking about…

  2. We regularly see Peter when we walk down to the new Knaresborough-Ripley trail. Can’t believe anyone wants rid of him, he’s such a lovely bird. Can you start a petition?

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