The Top 5 News Experiment

The Top 5 NewsI stumbled across this little application earlier in the week, it’s called the Top 5 News and it’s an experiment from two Guardian journalists.

The premise is that they gather the top five stories from the major news sources in the UK. It’s only in beta at the moment but I can see the appeal of it as you get a feel for each title immediately which did amuse me somewhat.

Cheryl Cole battling with Cher Lloyd on Twitter was the main story on The Daily Mail and the fattest woman in Britain was The Sun’s – I don’t know what that says about our media but you get the gist!

It has been created by Benji Lanyado and Matt Andrews and I would really like to chat to them about what they are hoping to achieve from this new application. In fact, watch this space – I will drop them a line and see if they answer a few questions on it.