Vanity causes Facebook traffic to reach record heights

Unless you have been hidden under a large rock recently, you will know that Facebook has just launched its username URL tool which enables you to get a personal URL free, instead of using the exceptionally long ones which were automatically generated.

Vanity took over me and I got my own but I got pipped to the post by another Chris Norton – so my Facebook URL is now:

With the launch of this new service, thousands flocked to Facebook to make sure they secured their very own URL over the weekend. In fact, Robin Goad of Hitwise is reporting that web traffic hit record levels and Facebook was the second most visited site in the UK just behind Google.

Something which did amuse me about this though was one clever individual secured the URL:

If you want to have fun with it, you can choose what you want for your profile or one of your pages. If you are interested in changing your URL it’s really simple, just click here and follow the instructions.