Viral Campaigns and PR Stunts: The Nivea Stress Test

I found this campaign from Nivea in Germany on a blog that I read and I have to say I love it. I imagine it cost quite a large amount of money but the execution is brilliant. The campaign was created to launch the new Stress Protect Deo from Nivea. Apparently candidates were lured to airports by their mates and were then (unbeknownst to them) identified as suspects of crime to put them through a real life stress test without them knowing. The results are rather entertaining although one candidate genuinely looks really very worried.

The clever thing about this campaign is it’s sheer speed and execution as it was all done on the day from the newspaper being personally branded right through to the live news broadcast that looked real. The German agency that made the campaign happen has made a video explaining how they did it but sadly I don’t speak German but you can still get a flavour of the scale required to make a stunt like this happen.

Well done to the team on this one.