What is the best time to post your content on social networks?

Check out this infographic from digital agency Raka Creative which has been created from data collated from link sharing service Bitly. No surprises that it is pretty much pointless sharing content after 3pm on a Friday afternoon although I tend to think this is the time when the most banter is had on that platform. Nobody mentions Google+ probably due to the fact we are only reportedly spending 3 minutes a month on it anyway, it’s become a bit of a social media ghost town that everyone knows they should be in but can’t be bothered to visit.

Raka says on its blog:

This handy infographic highlights bitly’s data on the best times to share content on Twitter or Facebook if you’re looking to drive traffic to your site (or any site). Bitly found the best times to tweet for click-throughs are early afternoon Monday – Thursday, while Facebook content posted Wednesday at 3 p.m. generates the highest click-through rates, according to bitly’s data.

I also think the fact that Facebook traffic fades after 4pm is interesting. Really? I find that most of my friends are updating on an evening these days due to the use of tablet and mobile devices and that is where Facebook’s strategy is rightly headed. I think maybe the corporate users are on Facebook but the people looking to engage and have fun are probably doing so in the comfort of their own homes whilst watching their favourite TV show and wrongly using #hashtags (plug for a recent article sorry couldn’t resist.

I think Facebook’s EdgeRank has a big part in playing what appears when and where and who actually has the ability to see it – the rule of amusing pictures and videos still seems to rule the day though!

Posted By Chris Norton

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Paul Rayment

I’ve seen this type of thing before and it seems to fail as it tells you the busiest times, when I presume Twitter gets the most traffic and in doing so makes it harder for your content to appear.

I’d suggest it depends on your content. During the working day, If it time wasting stuff then lunch times are best. If your audience are the type to have Tweet Deck open all day then post ‘off peak’.

Likewise, as with advertising, if you’re looking for the stay-at-home Mum then post when they will most likely have time to see it.

Chris Norton

Yeah I agree the busiest times would be interesting and would be the most challenging. I find Twitter in particular difficult these days as there is so much crappy noise. I need to cull the people I follow and focus on those I have relationships with but I think this is a problem we are all having – social media overload.

However, when your content is published doesn’t necessarily mean it will appear when you want for your targetting mums example – I see some Facebook posts that are days old suddenly appear in my newsfeed. It’s a bit of science!

Stuart Bruce

I’m with Paul as there are too many variables to make data like this even remotely relevant. Another one is what if your audience is global, posting at times ‘good’ for you then becomes even more irrelevant. I need to interact with people in the UK, Eastern Europe, Middle East, USA and to a lesser extent Far East. It’s also just numbers and removes the human, common sense, emotional elements which are usually far more important. Slightly more useful are the tools that analyse your followers and make recommendations based on that and your actual own historic tweets. But again these just provide help, not the answer.

Chris Norton

I agree Stuart although it is interesting to see what the general gist is. Maybe we should commission our own and make it very targeted to the UK. If we could combine it with Google analytics data it would be brilliant but the problem is that can’t pull Facebook visibility statistics. Also maybe Facebook should improve its inisghts section to include most viewed time.

When I created Tweasier that application told you the best time of day to post on Twitter stats as it saw when your followers and people you were following were most active. Then again is it not that we want people to see it so it could even be when they most inactive. Ha ha

Brian DeKoning

Thank you for sharing our infographic, Chris! I just wanted to clarify that this infographic was based on bit.ly data for the best times to post for click-throughs for the U.S. Eastern Standard Time zone. Their findings were published in a May 2012 post: http://blog.bitly.com/post/22663850994/time-is-on-your-side. We present this infographic as a resource, but do not intend it to be the only tool a marketer would use to successfully engage with their desired audience. I think it is a useful resource as a starting point for social posts.

Of course everyone’s strategies for connecting with a specific audience via social should be specific to the audience, brand and goals. We sincerely appreciate you sharing this infographic and hope that you and your readers find it helpful. Cheers!

Chris Norton

No worries Brian – it was nice and interesting for once. I get a lot. 🙂

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